Sara Bareilles - Come Round Soon (Jazz version)

So on Sunday night (23/09) I went to see Sara at City Angel Place in wynyard for an hour and a half of laughter, tears and bliss. I dont think I have been mindfully present for that long a period in a while. I have been lucky to see quite a few concerts so far in my life and this has to be one of the best that i’ve ever seen. There were no bright lights, no faux fur or fireworks, just a girl in a little black dress. She charmed us with her banter and melted our hearts with her song. She took us through heartbreak, fed us hope and faith and left us wanting more. 

This version of her original song came out of no where and completely blew me away, its just a taste of what she can give but one i want to remember forever. She completely changed the meaning and the mood of the song entirely in her own jazzy way. I could talk for hours about how great she was but for now, just listen and maybe you too will get a glimpse of what she gave me.



every time i feel anxious i recall zadie smith’s words in white teeth about how no one deserves love all the time, that all we deserve is food, water, and shelter. i do not think she was calling for self-abasement but asking us to make our own way for ourselves, to expect from the world as much as we work to cull from it, and to take losses in stride as an inevitable portion of life’s offerings.